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please pray.

one thing I have learned in the months of adopting Frankie, is that this can be a draining process.  Today is one of those days.  This might sound like a very small request to some, but at this point in our lives…this is a very important prayer request.   Our “paperwork” is in the hands of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  Each family is given an officer.  This process should take no more than 10-14 business days.  We are currently at day 15.

I asked our adoption families network if they had ever been assigned this particular officer and the feedback was very discouraging.  One family was approved 2 weeks ago and is still awaiting the letter they need to proceed in getting their child.  Another family shared that the 14 day wait turned into a 51 day wait!

Again, We are all mentally exhausted and feel a little overwhelmed so we are asking our brothers and sisters to intercede for us.

1.  Please Praise God with us that He is gloriously Sovereign.  I want our hearts to be filled with faith and joy in the wait.

2.  Pray for our USCIS Officer.  “Officer G”.   Maybe she has a lot at home or at work she is dealing with, but she tends to allow families to pile up on her desk…each family represents children waiting to come to their families.

3.  Please pray for one of the families in our adoption circles, “The Y Family”.  They have been waiting a very long time for this officer to simply mail the letter.  Approval has already been given.

4.  Pray that God would develope in my family a stronger faith…and that we would be satisfied with Him more than we would at the news of any letter or approval.  I truly want to honor our Lord as we follow Him.

Thanks friends.   This is one of those days, where knowing you are praying really brings a calm.

Thank you.

just another update.

I just called USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigrations Services) and still no update on our i800 form.  I was told to call back on Wednesday.  I hope that by Wednesday our immigration form will be approved and ready for the next step…

God is working in me to be celebrating when and how He moves.  To God’s glory, we have had no hang ups, we have not been slowed down.  God has been gracious, kind, strong…He has made ways where there were no ways.  He has reminded us over and over again about His merciful hand involved in this process.  I am so grateful that in His mercy, He is allowing us the privilege of being Frankie’s parents.

Thank You Jesus.

So this is what they were talking about…

The wait feels like it takes  F   O   R   E  V  E   R    !   !  !

Just so that everyone will know where are at this point.

  • We have received our LOA!!! (I still love being able to say that!) and we have signed it and returned it to China (2/10/2015)
  • We have completed our i800 (immigration) form.  We are waiting on that to be completed.  I called Homeland Security (or USCIS) and asked for an update.   I was told to call Monday and that maybe our paper work will be there and they can give me an update.
  • When we hear back from USCIS, then we complete a form called DS-260 which is a VISA application for Frankie!
  • During this time we also await NVC notification which is our final file being forwarded to the consulate in China.
  • The we wait for what is called “an article 5 pick up”  this is basically saying that everything is in order and that we have all the required approvals that align with international law for adoption.
  • When this last step has been completed we are issued: “Travel Approval (TA)” from China.

So we are close.  It is very likely we could travel around the first second week of April.  There is so much I do not know about the adoption world, but I do understand that things can change so quickly!

Thank you so much for praying for us.   Will give more updates soon…

Screen shot 2014-12-19 at 11.13.58 AM

Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 4.02.13 PM

We have our LID!

I got the call this morning that we have Frankie’s LID! (Log In Date). This is the fancy term of saying China has the hard copies of all of our paper work and now we are officially in the “system”. Many people have asked about a timeline and one thing I have learned is that in the adoption process, it is difficult to be precise (things are always changing…and the process can speed up and slow down without much notice).

So rather than try to guess when we will get to travel, it is a little less nerve wracking to have and celebrate “smaller goals”.   Our next hurdle (and the biggest hurdle to date) is receiving our LOA or our Letter Of Acceptance.  Receiving your LOA after having your LID can be on average 60-90 days and sometimes longer.   Simply looking at a calendar:  February 12th is the 60th day….and March 14 is the 90th day.  I really hope that something happens that speeds up the process.   Once we get this done, then there will be more paper work and then we travel!

One obstacle in this process is the holiday season in America and in China.  Offices close for Christmas and the Chinese new year.   This can bring a slight delay, but I do not want to let my mind go in that direction…the closer we get, the more I hate the idea of being separated from my son.  I want him home.

For some people the wait for the LOA has not been very long, I have read where some people received it 30-40 days after LID.  Until God shares his timeline with us (at which time we gladly submit to His plan) I will continue to ask that God allow our process to move quickly and that the holidays will not delay our travel.   I trust that this is in the hand of our Lord…He has never been late.

So that’s the latest!  We celebrate the little things.

We are one step closer!   Thank you Jesus.



and now the waiting begins….

Thank you for praying for my family.  We can not thank you enough.   I promised in an earlier post that I would not use this blog to announce each detail of our adoption process….and there have been a thousand details ha ha.

However…I thought today might be a good time to catch everyone up on where we are.

I am thrilled to announce that our Dossier is complete!  It has been mailed to our agency in Delaware!  Our agency and our amazing friend Amanda, will input the information into the Chinese program that will officially have our information in the Chinese adoption process.  EVERYTHING we have done so far has been stateside.  We have collected more and more information but now all of that hard work is on its way to China.   Now we wait.   We hope to hear from China soon for our LOA (Letter of Acceptance) but this can take anywhere from 60-150 days.  I connected to other families via Facebook and they shared that it takes on average 70-80 days. If this holds true, then we could receive our LOA as early as February or as late as May.  To complicate things (slightly) is the Chinese new year, this is the equivalent to the Christmas holidays for Americans. Many government offices will be closed in recognition of the Chinese New Year.  After we receive our LOA, the process will take approximately 3-4 months before we travel.

So we could travel as early as May /June  or as late as September.  I will be honest…typing this was a major disappointment.


So…Here is how my family is praying:   First and foremost, we want Jesus to be glorified.  We gladly align our hearts with His plan.  While we wait for His plan to be made known to us, we are asking for favor with the Chinese Government and that the turn around would be quick.  We are asking God to allow us to travel as soon as possible, however…the moment we recognize what His plan is…is the moment we accept it with gladness.


As I praise God for His Sovereignty I certainly recognize that He has everything already worked out for His Great Name.   Until we know the details, my request for an expedited response from China is simply the cry of my heart to get my son.


One more thought:


Thank you for your help in buying a T-shirt for our fundraising campaign.   The sale of the T-shirts will be going to purchase plane tickets for my family.  I am thrilled that Chandler and Caroline will be traveling with us, so every shirt that is purchased is truly helping us get to China and then back home.   If you or someone you know is interested in helping us out, go to this link:  BRING FRANKIE HOME

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 1.47.14 PM



We are asking you to pray.

Pray with us that China would respond quickly to our Dossier.

Pray that we would be able to travel quickly to get Frankie.

Pray that we would Honor Jesus while we wait.

Pray for Frankie, for his health, for his strength…


Thank You Jesus.

thank You Jesus.

homestudypicwanted to add this picture…because I never want to forget the feeling.

…and then I heard this incredible sermon on Prayer…

Wow we were moving so fast!  From the time we expressed interest into adopting, to turning all of our initial paper work in, it was really going fast!  For those of you who have adopted or like us, have had friends who have adopted…you know what is next:  the process slowed down….I mean like really slow.

One minute things were going so fast, I had no time to update everyone because updates were coming so fast. Not so much now.

We have completed our home study (kind of).  All meetings are done, the report has been written, but we had some paperwork that was sent to the wrong department…so….things got slowed down.

Amazing how perspective changes when the pace slows down.  I remember earlier this summer I had the pleasure of joining some amazing doctors and friends from First Baptist Church Dothan AL. on a mission trip to Guatemala.  One afternoon I found myself in the back of a pick up truck being driven all over the city in the middle of a thunderstorm.  As the weather showed signs of getting more intense, we noticed lightning beginning to flash around us.  I got a little concerned, but the doctor that was with us in the back of the truck just smiled and said, “Don’t worry pastor, God has great aim…and He has never missed”.   Not only does God not miss…he has never been late.   This message would play in my mind for weeks.  It was both a great memory, but also a source of encouragement.   Part 2 of this lesson was on its way…and landed on the platform of our church yesterday.

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for our church service, someone knocked on my door.  I opened it to find waiting for me was a little boy…both he and his parents are amazing people.   This little boy began to share with me that he had recently placed his faith in Jesus to rescue him from his sin.  His explanation of the gospel was beautiful…and full of faith. I love hearing from children, but this time was a little different…I was amazed at the comprehension, the faith, the resolve in his little voice.  He gave me a hug and shared with me, “I have been praying for baby Frankie…and all of his paper work so you can bring him home.” – I was speechless.   Later that evening prior to our Bible study, this little boy made his way to the front of our church and asked if he could share with our church the great news he had shared with me just hours earlier…of course he could!!  This little man with much confidence and conviction shared with everyone the work God had started in his life.  Hearing this same determination in such a young voice, left me amazed.   I let him share as long as he wanted to share and then asked if I could pray for him.  He nodded yes, but then asked if he could pray for me first.   This six year old boy took the microphone in his hand and began to pray.   He praised God for the cross.  He praised God for His love.   He asked God to open everyone’s heart to believe the gospel.  He prayed for a friend of ours, a church member who was on his way home from a two week mission trip to African.  He prayed for my son….Frankie.   He prayed.    Exercising great patience, grace and faith…he prayed.  This little boy took this need to God…and was satisfied.

This was one of the most beautiful lessons on prayer I have ever heard.  I was not simply entertained by the innocence of a six year old voice. No…this was different…I was praying with him…praising God for my new brother and his intercession for my family.

So following the example set by this amazing little boy, please join me in praying for Frankie.

  1. We are currently waiting on fingerprint clearances.  We had the proper paper work, but the date needed to be updated.  We have been waiting for weeks on the date to be updated so please pray with me that this will move quickly.
  2. We then turn our completed Home Study in with our completed I800A form for the US government.
  3. When this process is completed, we have to get all of the paper work that has been collected authenticated by the county, the state, the US and prepared for China.
  4. When we turn in all the paper work to China, then we wait for the Chinese government to give us the green light! or the LOA (Letter of Acceptance).
  5. When we receive the LOA, we will complete a a few more steps (that will be explained in more detail in the coming weeks)…and then we fly to China.

All this time…there is a little boy waiting.   God never misses, He is never late…and our response should always be:  Cast all your cares on Him….and while  you wait for God to move….praise Him.




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