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…this is really happening.

it’s 1:00 am…we are scheduled to wake up at 3:00 am….we leave at 4:15 am.   It is really happening.

This process has been a long time coming.  The story is too long and too emotional for 1:00 am, so I will simply say Thank You Jesus.  I could try to recall each person, each family, each “good day” and each “bad day” but every road leads back to gratitude and joy that is found in Christ Jesus.  Thank You Jesus for adopting me.

Please continue to pray…the next few days are going to be crazy.  I am not sure how often (if ever) Frankie has left the orphanage, but on the day we meet he will have ridden over two hours to meet us.  This trip will be without his nanny who he has considered “his mother” for the past 3 years.   We meet Frankie on Monday April 20th.

I am excited…a little delirious….but packed and ready to go.

Pics and updates soon.


yep…your in the right spot.

I will do my best to post lots of pictures, and videos if possible.   When we get out of church tonight, I will let you know what our timeline looks like and when we finally get to meet out little man.

Thanks for praying.

Tonight as you pray for my family, please remember a friend of mine and His son, Patrick.  Patrick is going to have a heart cath tomorrow and is preparing for a heart procedure soon.  I would love to see our Lord heal Patrick now…He certainly is able.

Love you guys…will post a detailed update soon.

This is another good day!

I received our letter from the National Visa Center this morning!!   I was able to forward that letter to our Agency in Delaware, and our agency quickly sent it to China.  The final paper work will be driven to our Consulate in China in approximately  6 hours!  We are pumped, so the question we are now getting asked most often is: “so when do you leave?”  Answer:  we have no idea 🙂

Here is what the process looks like moving forward (to the best of my understanding):

  • Our paper work (that satisfies Article 5 of the international adoption agreement between China and America) is going to be dropped off in a few hours.  This step is referred to as “Article 5 drop off”.
  • From the day it is dropped off to the day it is “picked up” or as it is often referred to “Article 5 pick up” is two weeks (10 business days)
  • Once it is taken and reviewed then we are issued “Travel Approval”.  This time frame is a little unpredictable.  Some people get there Travel Approval in as little as 3 days, others it might be as long as 3 weeks….needless to say, you know what I am hoping for 🙂
  • When we have the Travel Approval (it is a written document) we can schedule our Consulate appointment in China.  This is usually scheduled two weeks OUT from when Travel Approval is issued.
  • Then we travel.

Adoption is draining.  But I would start again today if I know we could get Frankie.  I already love that little guy so much.  I certainly do not deserve him, but God in His great mercy is giving us the privilege to make him a member of our family!  Thank You Jesus.

So please pray for us.  Here are our most recent round of prayer needs:

  • We have our schedule of when we WANT to travel, but it pales in comparison to God’s glorious plan.  Please pray we would be patient and wait as His plan is unfolding.   God is always right.  He is never late.  He always has the better plan and strategy and that is all that matters to us….we simply want it to stay that way.  So please pray for our patience.
  • Pray for Frankie.  I am reading different stories of families meeting their children and of course it is traumatic for these innocent babies.  I will say the overwhelming majority have been wonderful experiences, but my heart does hurt for the few that have hurt.  Please pray for Frankie.
  • Pray that God would allow us be an instrument in encouraging others to adopt.  However that works…we want to honor Jesus and we want to see babies be loved.  I have been so blessed by friends such as the Ayres family and many others.   I pray my family can be such an encouragement.

Thanks friends.  We truly love you guys.

So close now……

Thank you for praying for the approval of our immigration paper work.  Thank you for praying for my family.  This is really getting exciting now….

  • We received our approval from US immigration on February 27th!
  • We recieved our GUZ#!!! (this is an ID number that begins with G-U-Z as an abbreviation of the location of US consulate in China) This number is issued by the National Visa Center.   They emailed me the GUZ# so that I could proceed to the next step.  We still wait on the actual letter to be mailed so that we can send it to China.
  • Today we also completed the DS-260 form.  This is what will send our family the needed travel visas.

When we receive the “original copy” of the letter from the National Visa Center, we can email it to our adoption agency.  They will then send it to china and we will wait for the call to travel.

We are so close!  Thanks for praying.

please pray.

one thing I have learned in the months of adopting Frankie, is that this can be a draining process.  Today is one of those days.  This might sound like a very small request to some, but at this point in our lives…this is a very important prayer request.   Our “paperwork” is in the hands of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  Each family is given an officer.  This process should take no more than 10-14 business days.  We are currently at day 15.

I asked our adoption families network if they had ever been assigned this particular officer and the feedback was very discouraging.  One family was approved 2 weeks ago and is still awaiting the letter they need to proceed in getting their child.  Another family shared that the 14 day wait turned into a 51 day wait!

Again, We are all mentally exhausted and feel a little overwhelmed so we are asking our brothers and sisters to intercede for us.

1.  Please Praise God with us that He is gloriously Sovereign.  I want our hearts to be filled with faith and joy in the wait.

2.  Pray for our USCIS Officer.  “Officer G”.   Maybe she has a lot at home or at work she is dealing with, but she tends to allow families to pile up on her desk…each family represents children waiting to come to their families.

3.  Please pray for one of the families in our adoption circles, “The Y Family”.  They have been waiting a very long time for this officer to simply mail the letter.  Approval has already been given.

4.  Pray that God would develope in my family a stronger faith…and that we would be satisfied with Him more than we would at the news of any letter or approval.  I truly want to honor our Lord as we follow Him.

Thanks friends.   This is one of those days, where knowing you are praying really brings a calm.

Thank you.

just another update.

I just called USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigrations Services) and still no update on our i800 form.  I was told to call back on Wednesday.  I hope that by Wednesday our immigration form will be approved and ready for the next step…

God is working in me to be celebrating when and how He moves.  To God’s glory, we have had no hang ups, we have not been slowed down.  God has been gracious, kind, strong…He has made ways where there were no ways.  He has reminded us over and over again about His merciful hand involved in this process.  I am so grateful that in His mercy, He is allowing us the privilege of being Frankie’s parents.

Thank You Jesus.

So this is what they were talking about…

The wait feels like it takes  F   O   R   E  V  E   R    !   !  !

Just so that everyone will know where are at this point.

  • We have received our LOA!!! (I still love being able to say that!) and we have signed it and returned it to China (2/10/2015)
  • We have completed our i800 (immigration) form.  We are waiting on that to be completed.  I called Homeland Security (or USCIS) and asked for an update.   I was told to call Monday and that maybe our paper work will be there and they can give me an update.
  • When we hear back from USCIS, then we complete a form called DS-260 which is a VISA application for Frankie!
  • During this time we also await NVC notification which is our final file being forwarded to the consulate in China.
  • The we wait for what is called “an article 5 pick up”  this is basically saying that everything is in order and that we have all the required approvals that align with international law for adoption.
  • When this last step has been completed we are issued: “Travel Approval (TA)” from China.

So we are close.  It is very likely we could travel around the first second week of April.  There is so much I do not know about the adoption world, but I do understand that things can change so quickly!

Thank you so much for praying for us.   Will give more updates soon…

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